Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sappo Hill Soap Giveaway!

Hello friends! You may have already heard my chatter about this on the facebook page, but Made for More is doing its first ever giveaway and I may be a little more excited about this than necessary! I follow quite a few health blogs and it's always fun to see bloggers giving away free stuff! I'm sure it must be fun to receive free stuff, too! So... here's your chance!

Why am I giving away soap? Because finding safe, affordable body care products is no easy feat! Ironically enough, in today's wonky marketing world you often have to pay more to get less. Someone's trying to stick it to the minimalists, I swear! When it comes to food, for instance, getting no-nonsense peanut butter that has one ingredient (peanuts!) is more expensive than the mad-scientist major brands with a litany of mystery ingredients on the label. Why am I paying $5 for just peanuts and $2.99 for something designed in a lab that includes more add-ins? I'll never get past the irony.

Well this marketing absurdity has spread to the beauty care world, as well. To get a brand that you can feel confident won't result in the growth of a third eye, you end up spending a lot more than shampoo or soap should cost. So I'm giving away this soap because it is the PERFECT FIND! It's a rare example of less ingredients-less money!

In the midst of my efforts to boot the parabens out of my bathroom cabinets and replace old products with safe, affordable alternatives, I was elated when I stumbled across Sappo Hill Soap at Wegmans. This brand is ludicrously inexpensive (about $1.79 per bar), it's chemical/paraben-free, it touts an average of 3-4 ingredients, and it smells divine!

With all that said, I also think that doing a small giveaway is a great opportunity to bless someone, so I hope you will take me up on it and enter this first of (hopefully multiple) giveaways!

What you'll get if you win: 3 bars of Sappo Hill Soap (2 almond bars, 1 oatmeal bar).

How do you enter? Don't worry. I won't make you do anything outrageous like create a delicious vegan meal out of nothing but oat grouts and kale stems or do a supermarket scavenger hunt for the elusive organic corn tortilla. It's going to be really simple and anyone can enter (you don't need a blogger account).

Step 1. Comment below with your name and one of two responses:
  • A link to your favorite plant-based recipe (or one you found on the internet that you'd like to try)
  • An omnivorous meal you enjoy that you would like to see veganized
Step 2. Join the Made for More facebook page if you haven't already so you can stay abreast of giveaway announcements (and so that you can join in on all the other fun that goes on there, too!)

Step 3. Await the winner announcement on Sunday, February 10th!

See? That wasn't too painful. :) 

I will select the winner randomly and hopefully I'll be able to do something fun with your responses! For the omni-made-vegan meal idea, I could probably track down a great recipe and test it for the blog! (I'm not gifted enough culinary-wise to invent one, nor do I have the spare time currently to repeatedly test-run my own version. Sorry, friends! Some other time, perhaps! :)

So please do enter! I'd be really interested to see what you come up with! The "bidding" will be open until Sunday, when the winner will be announced! Have fun and spread the word!


  1. Hmm... how about chicken pot pie?

    1. Ooooh! Sounds good. I know of a similar recipe, but I'm sure other veg heads have tried to adapt this in lots of creative ways.

  2. 1.

    Buffalo Chicken Dip ;)

    2.Note to self... try not to giggle when my best friend uses "abreast" in her amazing blog.

    3. I'm already a fan, Edwin McCain style.


    1. Joelle, you crack me up. I paused over that word for a bit, but clearly went through with it. :)

      And I think Zach would be interested in a Buffalo Chicken recreation! Good idea.

    Coconut banana ice cream!
    Chana Masala
    Mayan Harvest bake

    When I'm lazy : tempeh/tofu + ginger + soy sauce + some sort of veggie

    I wish I could "veganize" Buffalo wings, tuna/salmon/eel sushi, bacon, fish tacos, duck curry, the list goes on :).....

    1. Yes, some "meats" will never find their true replica in the plant world. But with some creativity and open-mindedness they can get appreciatively close. And yes! I've started basting tofu with soy sauce marinades and baking it as a side with veggies or salads... and which I must resist turning into a meal! I grow to like baked tofu more every time I make it. :D And those recipes sound good! Awesome sleuthing. :)

  4. Chicken and dumplings? Thanks for the giveaway!

    shankyouverymuch11 (at) yahoo dot com

  5. I love spinach-artichoke dip, but with all the cream and cheese it is definitely not vegan. A dairy-free version would be great.

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  6. I saw this one day and reallllly want to try it out as a yummy snack: