Monday, January 28, 2013

Minimalist Munchies

Sometimes you don't want to make a complex recipe or a fancy concoction. You just want bare-bones goodness. In your belly. Now! That's where these simple snacks come in! Being plant-based, whole-foods doesn't need to be complicated. There are so many wonderful, satisfying, body-loving, minimalist foods that totally hit the spot. Here are some of the simple snacks I'm particularly crazy about.

Caveat: Since I'm too busy to make intricate snacks these days, I'm also too busy to whip up these treats just to take photos of them in the perfect daytime lighting... so please excuse the Googled image laziness! :) I made sure to give credit where credit is due... so enjoy the borrowed visuals and feel the simple-snack inspiration!

1). Naked roasted sweet potato

These are like the purist's perfect tater tots. I wash and dice a sweet potato (skins on for nutrients!), throw it on a pan lined with parchment paper and bake for 45 minutes at 425 degrees (flipping 1-2 times during baking). Contrary to popular baking-belief, roasting veggies does not necessitate oil. These taters still get brown and crispy. It takes a little patient waiting, but this snack totally hits the spot and provides just the right amount of satiety to tie me over until the next meal.

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2). Toast with almond butter and apple slices

This snack has a magical comfort food quality about it. I don't know how to describe the wholesome joy of warm bread and crisp, tart apple coming together. It truly is an amazing combo and easy to throw together or take with you on the road (unlike toast and bananas, which is DELISH, but doesn't fare so well out and about). I especially love this on a slice of toasted whole wheat pita or Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread. You can also do other nut butters, or try sliced pears instead of apples! This would probably also be a hit with little ones.

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3). Sliced apples with cinnamon

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This is really as is easy and as minimalist as it sounds. Slice apples. Sprinkle cinnamon. Munch away!

4). Date "schmalls"

Although these are more-so dessert-fare than snacks, and not at all new to the food blog world, I still adore these little treasures! I keep a batch in my freezer at all times! They're quickly climbing my dessert canon and I'm beginning to prefer these light and sweet wholesome goodies to cookies or heavy baked goods. They are also awesome to have around for mid-day sweet-attacks, too.

Diva Dish (Awesome blog!)

5). Diced avocado tossed with balsamic vinegar

This sounds too simple to be good, but it is! One time at work I had an avocado I needed to use up and little to work with. I  sliced it up in a bowl and added a touch of vinegar and pepper and had a tangy, no-salt snack in seconds.

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6). Hummus anything.

Need I say more? You can also get creative with different bean options. I love black bean hummus and recently tried red lentil hummus, too!

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7). Rolled oats and raisins (plain or with almond milk)

Okay, this is admittedly weird, but sometimes it really hits the spot! I like to just grab pinches of oats and raisins and nosh until I'm sated. I understand if you're questioning our friendship at this point, but try it and see! If I'm looking for something more dessert-like after dinner, I'll do this with a few dairy-free chocolate chips instead of raisins.

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8). Cooked lentils with spices 

Lentils? Yes, lentils! I could eat these wonder beans cold or plain. Or both.They must meet some basic human nutrient need, because my body literally demands them some days. I like to spice them a bit with cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, and Italian spices but you could honestly mix 'em with any combination of seasonings you like. This is really simple. Eat them with a spoon. Your body will love you. 

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9). Cooked green veggies with lemon juice and poultry seasoning

Doesn't get simpler than this, folks. And this snack is uber-simplified by keeping your freezer well-stocked with assorted frozen veggies. Some nights I'll come home, pop a medley into the microwave, season and enjoy.

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10). Strawberries and bananas sprinkled with cacao powder

I got this idea from Eat to Live and it's also super simple and body-friendly. For a rare splurge, I'll whip up some coconut whipped cream to go with. Yowza!

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What are some of your favorite simple snacks?


  1. I did the apples with cinnamon today. Thanks for the simple suggestion. I'm not a huge apples fan (I eat them, but don't love them) but the cinnamon gave it a bit of a twist and almost fulfilled that sort of apple-dumpling kind of taste. :)

    1. That's awesome! I'm a bit of an apple addict and I love this because it's one of the easiest snacks/desserts I can throw together for myself. You could probably slice/chop the apple, sprinkle with cinnamon, and then heat in the microwave for a little but for a more apple-pie type flare. We used to eat warm apples with cinnamon a lot growing up!