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Definitely a great, compelling overview of the 
many ways food affects our bodies! A great starting point!

Another movie from the Food Matters folks - really helps break down the difference between ineffective dieting and proactive nutrition!

This movie exposes the corporate/governmental dark side of our food industry and how new technology has altered our food supply for the worst.

This movie was probably the most compelling and therefore instrumental in my taking the veggie-based plunge. Full of fascinating information and scientific studies on the relationship between meat, dairy, and disease. It definitely gives you hope to know that we don't have to be passive victims of our national health crisis!

 This t.v. series was a huge wake-up call concerning our nation's institutional 
  failures on the subject of nutrition. Definitely motivated me to pursue more whole-food eating and to prepare for what my kids will have to face in the school systems.

Feeling daunted by the idea of radically modifying your approach to food? This book is the perfect starting point! Concise, accessible, and packed with scientific information regarding the ins and outs of plant-based living. This book is my first suggestion to anyone interested in learning more for his or herself! Recipes included.

This is a plant-tastic gold mine! I never thought a nutrition book would be so hard to put down. Dr. Fuhrman's easy-to-follow analysis of our current health crisis and how food plays a major role will definitely change the way you look at the relationship between diet and disease. His advice is practical, attainable, and inspiring. Recipes included. 

This book seems to be the foundation of the plant-based revolution. Thanks to Dr. Colin T. Campbell (featured in Forks over Knives) and his studies on the dietary practices of different cultures and their respective risks of developing diseases like cancer and heart disease, the link between animal protein and such diseases of affluence have never been clearer. A great read for anyone hankering after the scientific support behind a plant-based diet.