Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mini Hummus Sandwiches

Today I finally snapped a photo of another simple snack I enjoy. I mentioned that "hummus anything" is a great go-to in my previous post on minimalist munchies, but here's one cute and easy way to enjoy some of that universal beany goodness! Slice up some veggies, make little sandwiches for finger-food-friendliness and general cute factor, and there you go!

This particular hummus was made with a combination of red lentils and some leftover butter beans I had in the fridge. The neat thing about hummus is that you can make it out of all SORTS of beans. As long as you have tahini (ground up sesame seeds which you can easily make in your FP), garlic, lemon juice, a food processor and some kind of legume, you can pretty much resolve any hummus craving crisis!

Or do only I have those?

You can make hummus out of black beans (with some additional spices for a Mexican flare). This is probably our all-time favorite. The black beans have a total wow-factor that chickpeas kind of lack. Also, with black bean hummus, you can use it as a bean spread/filling/topping for taco salads, burritos, tostadas, etc. We're all about the versatility here! And Mexican food. We're always all about that.

I'm sure you could try other beans, too! Let me know if you try any other fun combinations.

The great thing about  making it yourself is that you can totally ditch the salt and oil. I know that sounds like a sin against hummus, but those two ingredients are actually totally superfluous. The lemon gives the hummus the tang and the flavor-enhancement it needs and just by adding a little water or broth you can get a smooth consistency without jacking up the calories and fat! Then you can really feel good about spooning hummus into your mouth from the container. Or is that just me again?

While cleaning up the "photo shoot," I managed to do this. Good thing our carpet is kind of hummus-colored. :)

So there you have it: Hummus in all sorts of shapes and flavors. Happy Hummusing - (can I make that a verb? :)

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