Thursday, August 16, 2012

Zach's Plant-Based Menu: Day #3

Last night the hubs was relieved of his cooking duties because my parents came to visit and we went to a neat restaurant nearby. I did my usual mix-n-match ordering to get a plant-friendly meal worth my money (sometimes this involves making multiple side dishes my meal, doubling up on plant-based appetizers, or asking for one sauce to be thrown onto another dish... you'd be surprised how flexible restaurants will be!)

This time I got a mixed greens salad with sun-dried tomatoes and almonds sans goat cheese and a salsa trio appetizer so I could plop the spicy goodies on top if desired. I usually don't like stripping down salads (i.e. "...But no chicken, feta, buttermilk dressing, etc. etc.) because I still need to pay the $9 even though I've reduced the meal to a few tomatoes and some dirt-cheap lettuce! But this time it worked out! The next day I brought my salsa leftovers to work with an avocado and mashed them together for a fast and easy guacamole!

What other suggestions/tips do my fellow veg-heads have regarding the daunting dining-out experience?

But now that the parents and leftovers are gone, Zach had to brave the kitchen again in order to complete his vegan-menu-week challenge. For his third selection, he picked a meal we often enjoy: mini kidney quinoa burgers with sauteed mushrooms and onions. He also wanted to throw a potato salad in for a side, so we tried our hands at a dairy-free version from one of my staple cookbooks.

All-in-all, it was another fun meal at the Browning house! I think it was an important experience for us both. It allowed Zach to get more involved and required me to let go of some of my beloved control. And of course, I was pleased I could incorporate Zach's preferences into my dietary extremism for a change. :)

This weekend we head off to VA for a 5 day vacation with my rents. Stay tuned to see how I prepare for the road with my little cooler of go-to goodies!

Meal #3
Mini Kidney Quinoa Burgers with Potato Salad

Older picture. Same meal. :)
The difference between natural and indoor lighting is unmistakable...

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  1. White balance my love! And try getting a piece of white foam board to use as a backdrop, it'll help brighten things up without natural light. I know how you feel though, the lighting in my kitchen is very yellow. I think I need new bulbs.