Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Plant-Based Traveler

Being whole foods in an processed world means a certain amount of snack-packing usually needs to accompany any overnight trips I now take. This isn't really difficult or even a mild deterrent for the plant-based way of life. I feel way too good these days to trade it in for a little on-the-road convenience!

And so a few minutes of throwing things like carrot sticks and homemade granola into a cooler is hardly laborious by any standards and it guarantees that I'll be able to maintain my energy and have conscience-easy food to nibble on for days. And now that I've had to pack for my outings on quite a few occasions, I'm actually excited about the many possibilities! And I couldn't leave you out of all the fun, so here are some of my new and usual traveling go-to's.

This one is a newbie! The other day I found a recipe for Baked Oatmeal Cups and simply had to join in! I knew they would make the perfect breakfast/mid-day snack while on vacation with my parents next week. I was also just super curious to try them! I stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home from work to grab some 8oz (wanted 4oz) mason jars and I made the ridiculously simple homemade blueberry jam topping as soon as I got in.

Look delicious? IT IS!

The next morning I set out to make my oatmeal cups so I could enjoy one for breakfast and save the other 4 for my travels. What a fun and simple recipe! I topped my little jar of oats with natural peanut butter and my new jam and yes, it was all worth it! These will definitely be a great on-hand grad school snack this fall! Yuuuum!

That one didn't last long. :)

This little gem has also been a great recent buy. This brand's breads and cereals are probably the first 100% conscience-approved store bought ones I've been able to find thus far. The ingredients are all completely whole, hearty, minimalist, and recognizable. This cereal is delicious, boasts a complete protein profile, and the only source of sugar? The raisins they throw in there! I love it! Plus the grains are sprouted, so I know I'm getting the nutrients at their best (it's also probably good to be a little wary of regular wheat these days).

So until I get to the place where I make my own bread and cereal (which should be soon!), this brand is a perfect supplement for me. I intend on munching on this with almond milk and sliced bananas in the mornings! 

Some of the typical fare may include the following:
  • Carrot sticks, celery, and peppers with hummus
  • Fresh whole fruits 
  • Raw nuts and nut butters (just tried cashew the other day - yowza! :)
  • Quick n' easy trail mix (throw some nuts, seeds, dried fruit into a bag and you're on your way!)
  • Peanut butter and mini pita sandwiches
  • Bagged breakfast oatmeal (oats, cinnamon, flax seeds, nuts, raisins in a bag. Pour contents into a bowl with hot water and voila!)
  • Chocolate chip peanut butter granola bars
  • Baked kale chips 

Happy travels to anyone else getting their last August kicks in! Be safe, healthy, and enjoy! :D

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