Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oatmeal Chew Peanut Butter Sandwiches

I finally made this oatmeal chew cookie recipe from Lindsay Nixon that I've been meaning to try for months. Since I go through bananas faster than a monkey, I never usually have the two "very ripe" bananas on hand that the recipe calls for.

This time I actually had two squishy ones on the counter when the idea struck me, so I made them and they were good! They're like baked oatmeal that you can carry around and nibble on anywhere! A great ultra-healthy, harmless snack, for sure.

But I was curious how I could make them more dessert-like so I tried to "dress them up" a bit.

First I made them into peanut butter sandwiches and placed them in the freezer. Pretty good. But then I thought: these would taste wonderful drizzled in chocolate (I mean... wouldn't anything??)

The additions definitely jazzed them up! An easy, delectable, (and still rather healthy) on-hand dessert:

Step one: Make cookies with recipe link above

Step two: Let cool and then spread peanut butter between two cookies and make sandwiches

Step three: In small pot, melt three small pieces of dairy-free baking chocolate on low with non-dairy milk. If you want a sugar free version, use unsweetened chocolate and add date paste or coconut sugar to your mixture.

Making chocolate sauce without added oil is possible, but it requires low heat, attentive stirring, and steady additions of non-dairy milk. As the chocolate begins to melt, it will begin to stick to the pan and get hard. Add splashes of non-dairy milk and stir thoroughly with a fork, making sure you clear the bottom of the pan of any stuck-on chocolate. Keep stirring and adding milk whenever it looks dry until you get a nice, liquidy chocolate. It will happen, I promise.

Step four: Remove from heat and drizzle onto cookie sandwiches with a spoon. Store in freezer (let thaw a bit before eating) and enjoy!

Nibble, nibble
UPDATE: These didn't keep oh-so-well in the freezer. The peanut butter turned white and the outside got frosty. :( 

My suggestion: after making them, place them in freezer just long enough for the chocolate drizzle to harden (10 minutes or so?) and then eat immediately or store in fridge for a few days. 

Hey, this is good news: it means you get to gobble them up more quickly! :)


  1. Your beautiful staging and photography just makes everything look so delicious. It's true what they say, You eat with your eyes first!