Sunday, July 1, 2012

Independence Day Chocolate "Pudding" Parfait!

While visiting New Jersey this weekend for my mother's birthday, I wanted to throw together a summery plant-friendly dessert for us to share. Feeling somewhat at a loss without my arsenal of "crunchy" kitchen baking supplies, I had to brainstorm something I could make by scrounging around my in-law's house. I did have to hit Wegmans to grab some fruit, granola, and my favorite brand of raw cacao powder, but other than that, I had just what I needed to make a light, refreshing, (unintentionally patriotic) chocolate pudding fruit parfait!

I've been making this dairy-free chocolate pudding as per a suggestion from a friend and this Natural News recipe and it's actually a surprisingly delicious (almost vegan) treat! I know the avocado concept seems unappetizingly odd, but the end result is truly delightful and the avocados give it that fluffy, light pudding texture we all love. I substitute the suggested water with plant milk for even better creaminess. All in all, it's healthy - so dig in!

Not only is this pudding a great and easy option for your chocolate fix, but it's also really versatile! The recipe link above suggests freezing the pudding into popsicles (a swell idea for these sweltering summer days). And as you will see in the picture, it also makes a great parfait filling! When I brought this beauty over, my family was skeptical at first and teased me for bringing them some whacko "vegan" concoction (in hindsight, I shouldn't have even told them it was dairy-free. They probably would've been none the wiser!). But the dessert was a success! They had to admit its undeniable tastiness and I was happy something so delicious was so simple to throw together. The red strawberries, white bananas, and blueberries also give this yummy dessert the potential for a perfect 4th of July treat!

What you'll need:
- Pudding (recipe above)
- Granola (can buy pre-made or make your own)
- Blueberries
- Strawberries, sliced
- 2-3 Bananas, sliced
- Your appetite! :)

Make as much or as little as you like! The pudding recipe above will render enough for this 2qt or so bowl.

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