Saturday, July 7, 2012

Berry Pickin' Good Time

For our "leisurely" Saturday morning (I say "leisurely" because Zach and I actually have tons of things our plates these days), we set out to explore a hiking trail in our rural area of Maryland. It was a pleasant 4-5 mile loop and, aside from the intense July heat and the constant circumvention of giant horse droppings, it was quite a lovely traipse!

When we were driving around in search of the trail head parking lot, we saw a little farm that had some blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry picking and we decided to stop. I had never picked my own berries before, and Zach L.O.V.E.S. the sweet and tangy goodness of those colorful gems! I wish I could buy them for him more often, but they're so dang pricey. 

Unfortunately, our plunder wasn't organic, but it was still a fun experience and I'm happy any time I can stock up on plant goodies that we both love! :) We'll probably just snack on them throughout the week, although I do love this Lindsay Nixon blueberry breakfast cake. I would probably use our trove toward a loaf of that, except I have plans for cacao peanut butter granola bars and a chocolate banana bread this week. :)

All in all, it's berry season! So go picking if you can and try a fun recipe!

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