Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Zucchini Pasta: Veggie Boost Your Meals!

I'm loving my new cookbooks, especially Lindsay Nixon's Happy Herbivore Abroad. Last night we had a veggie-splosive dinner and it felt great to get so much goodness into us during one meal! Plus it was super tasty, if I say so myself. We had side salads along with the Romeso Sauce from Lindsay Nixon's cookbook, for which we used julienned zucchini as "pasta." I like to add some sliced mushrooms to Lindsey's sauce for more texture and nutrients. 

I love using vegetables as pasta and grain substitutes (we've recently been adding shredded cauliflower "rice" to our repertoire) because then I can go to TOWN on my "rice" or "pasta" when I would have to use more restraint with the real deal. When I told Zach this he wittily remarked that he's glad I found an outlet for my gluttony! Hah! Well, when 1 cup of zucchini comes out to 28 calories (and a bunch of fabulous nutrients!) as opposed to the 189 calories found in wheat pasta, I can't say I'm worried! :)  We still use real grains, too, but it's great to mix it up a bit! 

Taken with the assistance of my handsome hand model

Since her cookbook is new, I'm not sure if she wants bloggers leaking the recipe (I think she requests that bloggers link to recipes on her blog, but it's not posted on the web as far as I know).

HOWEVER, zucchini pasta would go SMASHINGLY with just about any sauce you like! All you need is a julienne peeler. I found an OXO one at Wegmans, but there are plenty to choose from on Amazon. You can eat your "pasta" uncooked or heat it up a little in a pan. You end up with about one zucchini's worth of pasta per person (so 3 [smallish] servings = 3 zucchinis). Shred 3-4 zucchinis for 2 if you want seconds or leftovers. You can also do this with other veggies like carrots or spaghetti squash, too! Try it out and see!

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