Monday, August 13, 2012

More-For-Your-Money Veggie Wraps

Now that I cook practically everything I eat, restaurant visits are a somewhat disenchanting experience for me. Quite frequently, I'll get something plant-friendly and enjoy it but think to myself, They want $10 for that? I could've made it better myself (for way less money)!

Is that snotty? Sigh... Probably...

But that's also the joy of cooking whole foods from scratch - the challenge of making yummy palate-pleasing meals for yourself is no longer an intimidating ideal, but the norm.

While visiting my husband's side of the family in Missouri last month, a bunch of the girls went out for a morning together in St. Charles (an adorably quaint main street outside of St. Louis). We popped into a small restaurant for lunch and I ordered a veggie wrap (mushrooms, bean and corn "salsa," lettuce, tomatoes, etc.) It was okay, but I felt like I was munching on more wrap and lettuce than any of the other things the enticing meal description promised! So I thought to myself: I could (and will) make one at home. 

And of course this was super simple and low-cost. I scored some minimally processed whole wheat mega-wraps at Whole Foods (couldn't find ones anywhere else, not even at my beloved Wegmans), enlisted a yellow squash that I had from a friend's garden, and used the eggplant, onions, and mushrooms I had purchased earlier that week. I tried to roast the veggies at first, but I grew impatient and decided to dump them into my wok and saute them instead.

I seasoned the vegetable filling with veggie stock, Italian seasonings, garlic and onion powders, pepper, and nutritional yeast and cooked them until just tender.

I threw together some "black bean salsa" by mixing beans and salsa together. Easy.

Mmm! Juicy sun-warmed tomatoes from mom's garden!

After warming the wraps in the oven, we dumped on the fillers and added more salsa, some hot sauce, lime juice, etc. and feasted. Easy, cheap, and way heartier than what I paid someone else to make (with left-overs to boot)!

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