Thursday, June 14, 2012


This is my new, hopefully somewhat-enduring, blog. Here you will find meditations, articles, news, and recipes concerning the plant-based, whole food diet from a Christian perspective. The back story of how my interest in this counter-cultural lifestyle started is on its way... probably in three parts since I tend to confuse blog entries with chapter books.

The title, Made for More, honestly came about because the Switchfoot song ("...we were meant to live for so  much more...") was rattling around in my head at the time I was brainstorming for this blog.

Also, the simple phrase convicts me in regards to the way that I, as an American Christian, have long stewarded my own health and habits. God has made us stewards, and stewardship is a position of great responsibility. This touches every area of life: especially the area of diet and lifetsyle. While we can continue to eat the same way that our culture says is pleasurable, easy, socially acceptable, and fun, our God-given bodies will continue to pay the price.

And so, we need to reclaim responsibility for our health. We weren't made to be sick, sad, addicted, and uncomfortable in our skin. We were made for more. We were made to live out lives of joy, freedom, and energy for the Kingdom of God. And God, in His perfect creation, gave us the tools to attain that something "more." Although we've been overlooking them, it is possible to change!

I do hope you will visit often and find something that will encourage, inspire, or interest you in regards to living a healthier, tastier, God-honoring life!


  1. I am so excited to follow your blog, Lydia! Thank you for opening my eyes to better eating, for reminding me that we are stewards of our bodies, and that eating well can be a way of worshiping God.

  2. Thank you, Sarah! So glad you're here! And I love that - we worship God with all sorts of disciplines! Food can definitely be one of them. :)

  3. Lydia the blogger, no surprise there. I'm excited for you and I think your intro was spot on. God bless this endeavor :)

  4. Holistic faith?!?!? Hogwash! Where's the dualism?